ProExtender Review: System for Building a Bigger Penis Naturally

ProExtender boosts your sex life


Among all their body measurements, there’s one thing that every one knows: the size of his sexual organ. A bigger penis makes you feel like a stud, but beyond the look and feel of it, so it’s a major boost for your sex life. You can reach more deeply and intensely into your partner, and this results in intense orgasms for both of you.

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For this reason, across various ages and cultures, have been preoccupied with penis enlargement processes. A huge dick is an asset that everyone appreciates, and whatever your measurement is, the idea of ​​having penis enlargement is instinctively appealing. Various tribes would rub herbs and hang weights, while more penis enlargement modern solutions include surgery, pills, supplements, and even exercise.

With the strong demand from hundreds of thousands of men, penis enlargement has become an industry on its own. There are countless penis enlargement products that you can try, but we’ll spare you the painful trial-and-error and present our penis enlargement favorite method: ProExtender System. It’s completely natural penis enlargement, presents the least risk for you and your penis, and gives permanent transformation so you can have a bigger dick for life.

Here’s a complete review:

What is ProExtender?

Pro Extender System

ProExtender is among the most reputable penis extenders in the market. It’s a penis enlargement medical-grade device that’s been running strong for at least 20 years, and its customer base extends to more than 20 countries, to the point that hospitals and clinics even prescribe it. 

When you wear ProExtender System daily over a few months, your penis will become larger and longer, growing by around 24%. You’ll notice the difference both from the mirror and from your partner’s satisfied reaction! 

ProExtender System was designed by a doctor with comfort in mind, so you can easily wear it as you go about your daily schedule. As a non-invasive method, it relies on your body’s natural mechanism to grow amidst tension, which is the same process that happens in body-building and orthopedics.

Benefits of ProExtender

You can benefit from the ProExtender system if:

  • You want a bigger or wider penis 
  • You’re raring to perform better in bed and climax harder than ever
  • You’re hoping to correct a curved penis (Peyronie disease) 

ProExtender’s main effect is increasing the length and girth of your penis. As measured by a study, ProExtender System boosts penis length by 24% on average and girth by 19%. Your penis will be larger, thicker, and longer, and the change will be noticeable, whether you’re erect or relaxed. 

The best part is the penis growth is permanent and painless. Try ProExtender for just a few months, and your dick will stay at that bigger size forever. The device is adjustable too, so you can decide how much stretching to apply and go at your own pace. 

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. ProExtender System improves the overall health of your penis, meaning you’ll get firmer erections and you’ll last longer in bed before orgasming long and hard. For those with curved penises or Peyronie disease, ProExtender System can bring your penis back into alignment, allowing you to get frisky with your partner again minus the discomfort.

Pro Extender improves sexual health

The People Behind ProExtender

ProExtender was created by a doctor back in 1994. Its original purpose was purely medical: to correct unusual penis shapes (as in Peyronie disease) without resorting to surgery. Because of how successful and easy to use it is, ProExtender System was made available for the general public as a penis extension device. Thanks to its strong medical roots, it’s popular today both among clinics and the wider sexual health community.

The company that’s in charge of ProExtender is Leading Edge Health. If you’re enthusiastic about exploring sexual health hacks, you’d probably find the name familiar. Based in the US, Leading Edge Health has been creating natural products for beauty, lifestyle, and sexual health for more than 15 years. They’re extremely experienced when it comes to helping people maximize sexual pleasure. Aside from ProExtender, they offer other popular, long-standing products like Semenax and VigRX Plus.

A Natural Approach

The ProExtender system works the same way as classic penis extenders do: by penis enlargement, applying tension or traction on the penis and gently stretching it out until it adapts to the new size. 

To be specific, ProExtender System is a device that you put on your penis. It extends across the entire length, so that the ends are fastened on the head and base of your penis. In between, your penis is framed by adjustable rods. This setup stretches out your penis more than usual, applying a constant tension that the penis eventually gets used to. 

Micro-tears then form in your penile tissue. These are quickly repaired by the body, and in response to the tension, the tissue grows gradually. Over time, the result is a visibly larger penis, the length and girth increasing cell by cell.

It’s a process that’s similar to when you’re working out at the gym. As you lift weights, you’re applying tension to your muscles. In turn, your muscles go through a brief period of breakdown and then regrowth, and they become stronger and bigger than before. The same principle can be used for any body part, including arms and legs, and it’s already being harnessed in orthopedics to make limbs longer. 

But before science discovered this process, it was already used instinctively by several tribes and cultures. These tribes would try to lengthen certain body parts such as the neck, nose, and, as always, penis, usually through weights. It worked for many of their members, but the results weren’t consistent. Fast forward to the modern era, and doctors decided to harness this in a more controlled, systematic way.

Despite how intensive the process may sound, the ProExtender system is designed to be gentle and painless, applying just the right amount of tension so your penis can grow gradually. It’s not a quick fix, and you need to give it time to work because you’re following the body’s natural cycle.


ProExtender system

You have two options for using penis enlargement method of ProExtender:

ProExtender Device ($299.95)

This is the basic package, and it’s meant for men with a flaccid penis size of 2-7 in (5-18 cm).

What’s Included:

  • ProExtender System device
  • 1 set of 2-inch elongation bars
  • Comfort strap 
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ProExtender Deluxe ($399.95)

This is meant for men with a flaccid penis size of 2-9 in (5-23 cm).  

What’s Included:

  • ProExtender System device
  • 2 sets of 2-inch elongation bars
  • 1 set of ½ inch elongation bars
  • Comfort strap
  • Silicone tube strap
  • Deluxe metal carrying box

Both of these packages come with a user manual and an exercise CD.

Using ProExtender

How to Put On ProExtender

If you’ve tried penis extenders before, you’ll quickly figure out how to use ProExtender! In any case, getting it to work is intuitive:

  • Once you’ve assembled the device, make sure that it’s slightly longer than your penis in its normal, unerect state. To change the device length, add or remove extension bars.
  • Attach the silicone tube strap to the front of the device. Slide your penis into the device, and fit the tip onto the tube ring. Tighten the tube ring for a better fit.
  • Adjust the tension on your penis by twisting the bars at the same time. 

That’s pretty much it! 

Comfortable to Wear 

You should be feeling a slight tension–enough for you to notice, but not enough for it to be uncomfortable. After all, the device constantly adapts to your movements and the angle of your penis. To remove it, you can slide it off smoothly. 

For additional ease, try putting the protection pad under the silicone tube. The grip will still be the same, but you’ll experience less friction. Some people keep the protection pad on all the time or every other day, while others only leave it on for the first few days when they’re still adjusting.

ProExtender in Everyday Life 

Ideally, you would wear it for 4 to 12 hours daily. Because ProExtender System isn’t noticeable under loose-fitting clothes, feel free to wear it as you go about your day. You can wear it at home, during your commute, or even on your job as long as it’s not physically strenuous. Even after you’ve had it on for hours, as long as you’re applying the right pressure, your penis will still feel great and not sore at all. Do avoid wearing it, though, when you’re pushing your body hard or when you’re sleeping.     

What to Expect

It’ll take a while to get used to the sensation, so go slowly. You might be excited for that extra inch on your dick, but working your way up progressively will give you better results. 

For maximum growth, ProExtender System should be worn for 8 to 12 hours every day for at least 6 months, but even with only 2 hours over a couple of months, you’ll still see some lengthening. Don’t jump straight to 12 hours right away. Instead, you can start with 2-4 hours, then increase that per week. 

The longer and the more consistently you wear it, the better the results. Still, the maximum should be 12 hours. Going beyond that would be counterproductive and even damaging.   

This is what you can expect as you keep wearing your ProExtender System:

Penis Enlargement Month 1

The first month is the adjustment phase. You’ll be starting with gentle tension and only a couple of hours of wearing, which you’ll increase as the weeks pass. But even if it’s only the first month, you’ll see small gains in the length of your penis. More obviously, you’ll be enjoying your time in bed because your erection will be harder, you’ll be cumming more, and your orgasms will intensify. You know you’re doing it right when she makes an appreciative comment this early on! 

Penis Enlargement Month 2-3

By the second or third month, the changes to your penis size will already be visible. Since your penis will have adjusted to the length of your ProExtender device, you can now expand your ProExtender further. 

Penis Enlargement Month 4 and beyond

Your penis will have continued getting bigger, perhaps even reaching an inch or more. Aside from the length, it’ll be wider too, and your erection will be more rock-hard. By this time, your partner will feel the difference vividly, not just from how it looks but also because you’re thrusting into her more deeply than before! 


There are plenty of penis extender devices out there, but unlike ProExtender, most of them aren’t supported by research or developed by medical experts. In contrast, the creator of ProExtender was a doctor who wanted to solve a medical problem. It’s also a Type 1 certified medical device, which is the safest and most risk-free category.

On top of that, ProExtender has been involved in two studies. In 1998, it was the subject of a study presented in an international conference in Spain. The study looked at the effectiveness of ProExtender on patients who used it for 12 hours every day. 

Increase in penis size with ProExtender

Those who used ProExtender for 2 months had their penises grow longer by an average of 17%, while those who used it for 6 months saw a 29% increase. No complications were documented. The second study was interested in how much penile traction therapy and penis extenders could help with Peyronie’s disease.   

Since its creation in 1994, ProExtender has been widely trusted by the medical community. It’s prescribed in more than 60 clinics and hospitals in Spain, and plastic surgeons and urologists even endorse it publicly. Doctors in Europe also recommend it as a treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.

Venturing beyond the medical world, ProExtender System continues to attract a lot of interest from the general public. It has over 500,000 customers spread out across 29 countries, including Switzerland, US, Japan, UK, Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, and Mexico. It has also been featured on media channels like BBC, New York Times, FHM, and Men’s Health. Impressively, it’s still a bestseller today, and users consistently report longer penises and improved sex within 3 to 6 months. 

Ordering ProExtender

With so many men looking for a natural way to make their dicks bigger, ProExtender System is a highly sought after product. There are a lot of knock-offs out there, so for the real deal, go straight to the official website. Your order will be processed within two days, then shipped. US orders take only 3 to 5 days, but if you live in another country, you’ll only have to wait for two weeks maximum. Conveniently, you’ll receive it in a discreet package that gives no hints about what’s inside.

If you’re not satisfied, it’s still low-risk because you can get a full refund of the product within 187 days. In other words, you can try the product for 6 months (180 days), which should be long enough for you to see an effect, then ship it back. 


Bigger penis and better sex with ProExtender

When it comes to making your penis larger and spicing up your sex life, one of the safest, most natural methods you can turn to is using a penis extender. ProExtender is an extremely trusted product that’s backed by studies and recommended by doctors around the world. It’s been around for 20 years, with customers amounting to hundreds of thousands, and we can say that it definitely works.

Aside from increasing the length and girth of your penis , another plus is that you will feel comfortable wearing ProExtender System. It’s engineered to fit your penis perfectly, and you have a lot of flexibility and stretching to apply. You can even wear it as you go about your day. In just a few hours a day, your penis wants to become bigger and thicker. 

With a full refund available, it’s worth trying out! Your partner wants to love it too. After all, your erection will be harder and you’ll be cumming more, enjoying orgasms with her at a new level of pleasure. 

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